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Lincoln Electric and pipeliners have been stacking iron since 1911. We understand pipeline welding better than any other welding manufacturer, and we’re committed to putting that knowledge, experience and innovative philosophy to work for the benefit of this industry and its future. Every day, every mile, Lincoln Electric is your partner on the pipeline.
Pipeline Welding Stacking Iron


Stacking Iron Since 1911

Lincoln Electric has played a pivotal role in the pipeline industry for more than a century. Since the introduction in 1911 of the Lincoln Arc Welder – the first variable voltage, single-operator portable welder in the world – we’ve maintained a boots-on-the ground, hands-on approach to addressing the needs and concerns of welders and contractors in this vital industry. We know your business because we’re a part of it every day.

And we know that every one of those days presents ongoing challenges: productivity, quality, regulatory, financial and more. We help you meet these challenges with thoughtful solutions that take their cues from the way you work and live on the spread. We design our machines and consumables with an eye on making an already tough environment a little more comfortable, a lot more efficient and as safe as it can be.

Lincoln Electric has been part of your business for decades. It’s a relationship we value highly. The experience we’ve gained from working alongside you has produced a range of welding equipment and consumables designed to address the nuanced and varied needs and expectations of pipe welders. Learn More


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