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APEX® 3000 Pendant
MSRP: $5,747.39
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Top Features

  • The APEX 3 Series MIG control pendant offers the most adaptive welding software on the market
  • Designed around full functionality and easy operator experience
  • The MIG Control Pendant can be used for all welding positions as well as with certain positioners for 1G applications
  • The buttons, toggle switches and navigation controls respond to icons indicating each function
  • Menu controls are easily accessed from the idle, test or weld screens


MIG, Pulsed MIG, Flux-Cored, GMAW-STT®
Features and Benefits

  • Intuitive controller that transforms data into actionable information
  • Operators can identify and change parameters of the track type, track size and the pipe diameter. System automatically gauges electrode travel speed for precise heat input calculations
  • Operator can select from various options to determine the variables in the weld. Certain options can be set up for every weld and every sector
  • With just a few hours of training, welders will find they can complete quality orbital and flat track welding jobs far more efficiently

Net Weight 2.80 (1.27 kg)
What's Included
MIG Pendant K52113-1
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Our intuitive, lightweight pendant offers a large color screen and easy-to-navigate buttons and switches, providing the lowest learning curve in the industry.

All welding inputs for the APEX®/ HELIX®platform can be programmed through the ergonomic, hand-held, digital control pendant. The large, well-lit screen is easily viewed in both low light and direct sunlight situations. Primary inputs include a dedicated steering knob in the center and two toggle switches on either side. When powered on, the APEX system immediately initializes the attached weld head.

Supervisors can prepare MIG programs and test the parameters before striking the arc. They can also test all non-weld functions such as travel, gas purge/flow and oscillation. Operators assigned user codes can simply log in, start a weld program and begin steering the weld head on the track. Troubleshooting can be accomplished remotely with a digital SnapShot of the system, and single or multiple welding programs are easily copied and stored on a USB.

If you’re looking to increase productivity, improve quality and manage costs, call(800) 770-0063or visit us at:OrbitalSales@LincolnElectric.comfor a free consultation and to schedule a demonstration of the APEX®/ HELIX®orbital welding system at your business or in our company welding labs.