Semiautomatic Wire Feeders
Flex Feed 84 Dual Bench Wire Feeders

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Top Features

  • Rugged and reliable engineering
  • Superior process control
  • Safety with every process
  • Advanced MaxTrac® wire drive design
  • Modular design provides flexibility of configurations


GMAW, FCAW, SAW, CAG (Carbon Arc Gouging – available with gouging option installed)
Wire Feeder
Features and Benefits

Rugged and reliable engineering
• Consistent feeding over long conduit runs
• Handles large-diameter wires (up to 3/32 in. (2.4 mm) solid or .120 in. (3.2 mm) cored wire), well beyond the competition’s 5/64-in. capacity
• Gun adapters provide superior electrical connections reducing voltage drops and simplifying connections
• Wire drive circuit board is encapsulated for maximum protection from the elements

Superior process control
• Digital preset for voltage and wire feed speed
• Save repeated procedures in up to four user memories
• Process limits can be set and passcode secured
• Displays actual voltage and current while welding

Safety with every process
• Single model feeders can be ordered with an electrically isolated stud for arc gouging operations
• Dual model can be ordered with a Power Path™ contactor that electrically isolates the non-active wire drive and gun
• User selectable wire retract function physically retracts the wire back into the nozzle to prevent operator injury

Advanced MaxTrac® wire drive design
• Rugged cast aluminum feed plate protects wire and ensures consistent wire feeding
• Patented tool-less drive rolls make adjustments and maintenance quick and easy
• Patented tool-less split wire guides ensure uninterrupted feed and prevents birdnesting

Modular design provides flexibility of configurations
• Configure for single, dual, bench or boom setups (convert as workspace needs change)
• Two available wire reel stands; standard (up to 44-lb. spools) or heavy duty (up to 60-lb. coils or spools)
• Built-in interface for hard automation