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SAE-500® Severe Duty Engine Drive (Deutz®) (T4F Compliant)
MSRP: $35,566.00
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Top Features

  • Rugged construction - heavy gauge steel case withstands rough field handling
  • Dual continuous control - continuous adjustment of voltage and current
  • High duty cycle welding output - 100% duty cycle at 400 amps and 60% duty cycle at 500 amps for demanding applications.
  • Heavy duty industrial diesel engine - Deutz 4-cylinder, water-cooled industrial turbo-charged diesel engine
  • Designed for the Off-Shore Salt Spray Environment (Severe Duty Model)


Stick, TIG, Flux-Cored (With CV Adapter), Gouging
Input ModeInput Polarity
Fuel Type
Features and Benefits


The SAE-500 / SAE-500 Severe Duty is the preferred choice for its great arc performance, design simplicity, reliability and ruggedness! Designed especially for pipeline welding and field construction.

The Diesel Workhorse

For demanding jobs that call for high amperage capabilities, the SAE-500 offers 500 amps for DC stick welding and 3,000 watts of AC power. The SAE-500 is powered by a heavy duty Deutz® diesel engine, which offers low maintenance and long life for hassle-free operation. Add CV wire welding
with the optional CV adapter.

Rugged Construction

Heavy gauge steel case withstands rough field handling.

Dual Continuous Control

Continuous adjustment of voltage and current. Select either a soft “buttery” arc or snappy “digging” arc for fast, high quality welding.

High Duty Cycle Welding Output

100% duty cycle at 400 amps and 60% duty cycle at 500 amps for demanding applications.

Heavy Duty Industrial Engine

Deutz 4-cylinder, water-cooled industrial turbo-charged diesel engine offers low maintenance and increased power with 64 HP EPA Tier 4 compliance.

Designed for the Off-Shore Salt Spray Environment

  • Stainless steel and hot-dip galvanized case & internal sheet metal parts
  • Stainless steel brusholder assemblies
  • All copper coils
  • Coated radiator, laminations and wire connections
  • Sealed switches
  • Spark arrestor and engine air intake shutdown device, as per mineral management services code, are standard
Rated Output
  • 500A/40V/60%
  • 400A/40V/100%
Output Range
  • 80-575A DC
Generator Output
  • 3000 watts
Type of Engine
  • Deutz Diesel TD2.9L4 EPA Tier 4 Final
HP and speed
  • 64@1800
  • 4
Dimensions (H x W x D) 45.8 in x 28 in x 83 in (1164 mm x 711 mm x 2109 mm)
Net Weight 2048.00 (928.97 kg)
What's Included
Remote Output Control for Stick operation. Contains switch, receptacle, remote control rheostat, and 100 ft (30.5m) of cable. Easy field installation.
Key Controls


1. Polarity switch
2. Current control
3. 115V receptacles with covers
4. Local / Remote Switch
5. Remote Control Receptacle
6. Air intake emergency shutdown handle
(Severe Duty only)
7. Sealed GFCI
8. Dashboard gauge
- Engine Hours
- Oil Pressure
- Temperature
- Fuel Level
- Battery charging volts
- Engine Fault Codes
9. Stop / Auto idle / High idle switch
10. Start switch / Engine protection light
11. Circuit breakers
12. 230V receptacles with covers
13. Job selector

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