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AUTODRIVE® 4R100 K3002-1
AUTODRIVE® 4R220 K2685-1

AutoDrive 4R100



The AutoDrive® 4R100 is a unique robotic wire drive package focused on .023-.045" (0.6-1.2 mm) wire applications.

  • Compact, light weight optimized package for robotic applications.
  • Tool-less design for quick and easy connection and use.
  • Durable and rugged gear-driven wire drive system features a 4-roll design.

 AutoDrive® 4R100 & 4R220 Product Info



The AutoDrive® 4R100 and 4R220 are powerful yet compact 4-roll wire drives for robotic and hard automation applications. Both models feature the MAXTRAC® Wire Drive System. Select the 4R220 for feeding larger diameter wires, pulling wire through long conduits and in applications requiring extra ruggedness.

  • Integrated Design - Designed to “nest” in the upper arm of the FANUC® Robotics ARC Mate® iC family of arms. 
  • Best in Class Torque - Results in faster acceleration and reliably pulls wire through conduit.
  • Welding Results - High resolution tachometer for accurate wire feed speed control.
  • Durable and Rugged - Patented MAXTRAC® heavy-duty cast aluminum wire drive system provides reliable feeding and durability.
  • Ease of Use - Unlike competitive models, no tools are required for drive roll, wire guide or pressure arm adjustment.
  • Optimized Robotic Solution - Compact, light weight package maximizes robot acceleration performance and throughput.
  • Replaceable Brushes - Drive motors in both units feature replaceable brushes to extend service life. Brush life in the AutoDrive® 4R100 is more than 300% longer than the previous AutoDrive® model.

AutoDrive 4R100

AutoDrive 4R100 

Compact design, built to mount to J3 of the FANUC Robotics 1XXiC arms 

Packaged to maximize robot acceleration, performance, and throughput.

AutoDrive 4R100 Wire Drive System

AutoDrive 4R100

The AutoDrive® 4R100 features the durable and reliable MAXTRAC® wire drive system.

Unique slide mount allows the AutoDrive® 4R100 to mount and dismount easily.

POWER FEED® 10R K1780-2

Power Feed 10R

 Power Feed® 10R Product Info
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The Power Feed® 10R is a high performance, digitally controlled wire feeder designed to be a part of a modular, multi-process welding system. It is specifically designed to mount to a robot arm or to use in hard automation applications. Modular systems can be arranged in a variety of ways for optimum, customized performance and easy maintenance. This four drive roll feeder operates on 40VDC input power and is designed to be used with ArcLink® Robotic Power Wave® power sources. Close integration of the feeder, power source and existing equipment creates the foundation for a system with superior welding performance and reliability.

  • Digitally controlled by the Power Wave® power source, yielding the best performance in the industry.
  • Use with Lincoln power sources featuring ArcLink®, the leading digital communications protocol for welding, making it the best choice for seamless integration with the power source and networked equipment.
  • Tachometer feedback provides calibration and precise control of wire feed speed.
  • Feeder brakes from maximum speed to zero in milliseconds, minimizing the chance of wire sticking in the puddle.
  • Select standard or high speed gears for wide wire feed speed range.
  • Split wire guides provide trouble-free feeding and offer fast, tool-less wire installation, changeover and maintenance.
  • Easy-to-read gauge for accurate drive roll tension.
  • Brass-to-brass connections for good connectivity between feeder and gun.
  • Modular construction for easy servicing.
  • Self loading wire feature for easy set-up.