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arcweld® 250i-ST DV
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Top Features

  • Excellent arc characteristics
  • Two unique units
  • Robust design
  • Intelligent protection
  • Adjustable arc force

Input Power

  • 380/440/1/50-60


Stick, TIG
Input ModeInput Polarity
Input HertzInput Phase
Features and Benefits

Built for the Job

The arcweld 250i-ST DV Stick and TIG Welder has been designed and manufactured using the latest digital inverter technology. The lightweight but solid build of this machine makes it suitable for operation on site in conjunction with generator or within a workshop environment, providing maximum flexibility

The arcweld 250i-ST DV as standard is equipped with an adjustable "Hot Start" providing a higher starting current tio support easy striking of the electrode. The adjustable "Arc Force" on the machine allows flexibility depending on the electrode selection and application. It prevents sticking and shorting of the electrode

The standard machine is equipped with a digital meter showing the presettable welding current, actual welding current or voltage during welding. It is very compact, lightweight and come with a handle for ease of transportation. Accessories are included so the machines are ready to weld out of the box

Input Power
  • 380/440/1/50-60
Rated Output
  • 250A@30%
  • 170A@60%
Output Range
  • 10-250A
Dimensions (H x W x D) 595 mm x 320 mm x 460 mm
Net Weight 28.5 kg
What's Included
  • 3 meter input cable with integrated plug
  • 3 meter ground cable with work clamp
  • 5 meter welding cable with electrode holder