Outershield 71E-H now carries approvals for M21 and C1 shielding gas

Outershield 71E-H

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We are pleased to announce that Outershield 71E-H is now approved by LR, ABS & DNV for use on both M21 (Argon+15-25%CO2) as well as C1 (100%CO2) shielding gas Outershield 71E-H has a long standing tradition in the industry. Many construction companies and shipyards across our region rely on this wire for their day to day operations using M21 shielding gas.

Particularly when welding outside it can be beneficial to use a “heavier” shielding gas such as C1. This gas provides better protection of the arc in case of mild draught. In any case the arc requires full protection in order to produce sound welds. Dual gas approved cored wires is the solution in cases where customers want to stock one cored wire for two types of shielding gas. We did not have the possibility to offer a dual gas approved rutile cored wire but this has changed.
Outershield 71E-H now carries the following approvals for M21 and C1 shielding gas:

  • LR:     3YS H5 (M21) 2YS H5 (C1)
  • ABS: 3YSA H5 (M21) 2YSA H5 (C1)
  • DNV: IIIYMS(H5) (M21) IIYMS(H5) (C1)