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Pipeliner® 6P+
Pipeliner 6P+ 12" stick electrode

AWS: E6010

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Top Features

  • All-position cellulosic pipe electrode designed for all position pipe welding, including vertical down root pass welding
  • Designed for root pass welding of pipe up to and including X80, fill and cap pass welding up to and including X60
  • Light slag with little slag interference for easy arc control
  • Easy slag release and smooth bead appearance
  • Deep penetration with maximum dilution
  • X-ray quality welds, even out of position

Typical Applications

  • Cross country and in-plant pipe welding
  • Root pass on up to X80 grade pipe
  • Hot, fill and cap pass on up to X60 grade pipe

Welding Positions

Special Features
Size (mm)
Product Number
2.4 x 300
13.62kg can
3.2 x 350
13.62kg can
4.0 x 350
13.62kg can
  • AWS A5.1: E6010
  • ISO 2560-A: E 42 3 C 2 5