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Jungo® 309L
stick electrode packaging

AWS: E309L-15

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Top Features

  • A basic high CrNi alloyed buffer electrode
  • For welding stainless steel to mild steel and root passes in clad steel
  • Applicable for root passes in N alloyed AISI 304LN steels
  • Outstanding mechanical properties
  • High resistance to embrittlement
  • Weldable on AC and DC+ polarity

Typical Applications

  • Low temperature applications
  • Exceptional impact properties down to -196°C
  • High resistance against corrosion

Welding Positions

All, except vertical down
Size (mm)
Product Number
5.0 x 350
4.8kg Cardboard box
  • AWS A5.4 : E309L-15
  • ISO 3581-A: E 23 12 L B 22