Stainless Steel Stick Electrodes
Product Name
  • Type 18%Cr - 12%Ni - 2.5%Mo stainless steel, such as Type 316, 316L and also AISI 316L Type ASTM: A 182 Gr. F 316L, A 213 Gr. TP 316L, A296/A351 Gr.CF8 M, A314 Type 316 L and similars
  • Equipment, tubing and vessel Manufacturing for Chemical Food & Beverage, Textile and Pharmaceutical industries
  • Type 18%Cr - 9%Ni austenitic stainless steel, such as AlSI: 301, 302, 304L & 308L. Also good results with AISI: 321 & 347
  • Petrochemical Equipment Manufacturing, Power Generation Construction, Food & Beverage Equipment, Shipbuilding & Offshore, Transportation Equipment Manufacturing
  • Designed for the welding of 22%Cr - 12%Ni base metal and similar alloy composition stainless steels such as ASTM 309, 309S, 304, 305
  • Designed for joining stainless steels to mild or low alloy steels
  • Designed for overlay welding on mild or low alloy steels.

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