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We are well on our journey to enhancing a more diverse and inclusive workplace: A fully engaging environment provides employees with equal opportunities for growth and development; where each individual’s unique contribution is welcomed, appreciated and encouraged.

Cleveland Big Wheel RelayAugust 24, 2017

On June 24th, the Machine, Euclid-Consumable, and Mentor Diversity Councils raised $2,000 to support the Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center of Cleveland by competing in the Cleveland Big Wheel Relay Race. Click here for more details

Lincoln Electric's Diversity and Inclusion Program Featured in Local NewsMay 8, 2017

The 15th Anniversary of the Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio’s "Walk, Rock & Run" is just at the corner and we have been featuring some amazing people and sponsors of the race on the show the past few weeks! Joining us today is The Diversity Center President & CEO, Peggy Zone Fisher and Lincoln Electric Human Resources VP, Dalithia Smith, to tell us about what Lincoln Electric employees do to get involved with the event and its impact on the company! Click here to view the video

Women in Lincoln Leadership Panel DiscussionApril 1, 2017

Research has shown that value has been found in high levels of employee engagement and a feeling of connectedness within an organization. Over the last several years, there have been informal requests for Lincoln Electric women to connect and establish networking opportunities within the organization for the purpose of learning, establishing relationships and building communities.   The Women in Lincoln Leadership Panel discussion originated as a result of informal requests and as a means for employees to increase their level of engagement and connectedness. Click here for more details