Trout Mobile

Charles Buster fabricated this trout mobile as an artwork donation to a silent auction fundraiser for a family in the small town where he lives.
He welded washers together to form each fish; 5/8-inch washers on the large fish, 5/16-inch on the middle-sized fish, and 1/4-inch on the smallest fish. Charles used various colors of spray paint for the finishing touch.

Charles welded the washers together using his Lincoln Electric Weld-Pak® 175HD wire feeder welder (current model is Weld-Pak® 180HD) and .025 diameter solid wire and gas.

Charles loves his Lincoln Electric welder so much, that when he is teaching creative welding classes for the local arts council, he tells the students, "there are other welders out there for less money but to be sure you have the most reliable welder available, GET A LINCOLN."

Trout Mobile Welding Project

Trout Mobile Welding Project

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