Automated Systems



Our robotic automation solutions give you the ability to fully automate the welding process. Lincoln Electric offers an array of pre-engineered and custom robotic systems. We specialize in integrating robotic systems to help you decrease manufacturing costs, increase weld quality, improve welding productivity and enhance your working environment. Robotic welding is a way to keep labor costs down, with the added benefit of freeing your most valuable asset – the employees – to apply themselves in more efficient and productive ways. Let automation technology address the routine, repetitive, physically challenging tasks in your plant, and use the highly skilled workers in more efficient and productive ways.


 Our mechanized automation systems encompass fixed automation and programmable automation products. Mechanized automation does not include a robot and is ideal for products that are heavy and large. Diameters as large as 30 feet can be welded with our products. If you work with wind towers, pressure vessels, trailers, cladding, heavy machinery and structural steel, a mechanized automation solution could be for you. We offer a wide range of products, including seam and bore welders, column and boom systems, motorized slide systems, seam tracking (laser and tactile), positioners, side beams, lathes, headstock/tailstock positioners, turntables, flux recovery systems and turning rolls.


Our specialists can perform a comprehensive audit of your welding operations and will make recommendations based on the following:
  • Are you meeting all of the latest regulatory requirements for weld fume control?
  • Are there opportunities to improve productivity by creating a cleaner, safer work environment?
  • Can your current system be improved upon?

In support of our position as “The Welding Experts,” we will also look at your weld processes to see if substitutions or changes to your consumables, gases, or procedures may have the potential to reduce fume exposure for employees. We offer a complete line of portable, stationary and engineered solutions for weld fume control.


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