Dolly for Cutting Table

Dolly for Cutting Table
by Charles Fullgraf

Recently I purchased a Torchmate® Growth Series™ 2x2™ CNC plasma cutting system and water table. Since I do not use the cutting system 24/7, I wanted it to be mobile so I could make room for other things, like my race car.

The frame of the dolly is 2-inches x 2-inches x 11 gauge tubing. Since I felt the combination of 5-inch tall casters and 2-inch frame would make the top of the table too high, I added leg pockets that placed the bottom of the Torchmate® table legs only 2 inches off the ground.

A piece of 3/4-inch plywood forms a shelf inside the frame of the dolly for holding the Lincoln Electric Tomahawk® 625 plasma cutter, water drain hose and other miscellaneous equipment.

I welded the dolly together with the TIG welding process using a Lincoln Electric Precision® TIG 225. Other welding processes like stick, MIG or flux-cored would work just as well, but the Precision TIG® 225 is relatively new in my shop so I am always looking for an excuse to use it.

Now my Torchmate® cutting system stores nicely against the wall and it's ready for use at any time.



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