Qualification and Certification Training

Qualification and Certification Training

Qualification Test Training

Additional training is available to those who wish to take an operator qualification test and classes are also available to companies and individuals who want to practice welding techniques for passing an operator qualification test.

Qualification Test Training
SMAW Plate, GTAW Plate, Semiautomatic Plate, and ASME or API Pipe Welding Test

Please Note for Qualification Courses (certification fee extra)
One week is usually sufficient for anyone with welding experience in the process being tested
The cost of testing ranges from $75.00 to $310.00 and is paid directly to an independent testing laboratory where the test sample is taken. Actual test costs vary throughout the country depending upon the facility

Register for Qualification Test Training through the Lincoln Electric Welding School

The Lincoln Electric Welding School216-383-2259
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Training and Certification
The Lincoln Electric Welding School can meet your needs for customized training and certification at Lincoln Electric Corporate in Cleveland, Ohio.

Please Note: Actual testing done by an independent testing facility (certification fee extra).

Course Fees:
SMAW Plate: $350.00GTAW Plate: $350.00Semiautomatic Plate: $450.00ASME or API Pipe Welding Test: $500.00