Plasma, Oxyfuel, Alloy and Hardfacing

Plasma, Oxyfuel, Alloy and Hardfacing

Course Description
Designed to instruct welders in welding safety, plasma cutting and gouging, the oxyfuel process, alloy theory and applications, and hardfacing. Additionally, various welding processes and techniques will be discussed as it relates to these topics. The course lasts two weeks, involving approximately 60 hours of booth instruction, lecture and practice.

Week 1
Learn fundamentals of oxy-fuel brazing (OFB) and oxyfuel welding (OFW). Discuss the use of welding vs. brazing vs. soldering. Learn general theory and use of preheating along with hands-on experience utilizing Tempil™ sticks. Learn the AWS numbering system, selection of proper brazing rods and fluxes, and troubleshooting of the oxyfuel process. In addition to a comparison between carbon arc gouging vs. plasma arc gouging, discuss the operation of plasma cutting along with standard troubleshooting and operational techniques. Learn fundamentals of metal identification including the AISI and ASTM designations as well as steel trade names. Discuss low carbon, medium carbon, high carbon and alloy steel chemistry according to AWS D1.1 welding code. Determine preheat and discuss carbon equivalent, heat input (Joules) and heat-treating including tempering, annealing, normalizing, and stress relieving. Learn fundamentals of hardfacing and 6 basic types of wear while using different welding processes: SMAW, FCAW, SAW and OFW.
30 Clock Hours: Lab: 25, Class: 5

Week 2
Learn fundamentals of cast iron including types of cast iron and repair procedures utilizing nickel and steel based electrodes as well as oxyfuel brazing (OFB) for cast iron repair. Learn fundamentals of stainless steel including the AISI numbering system, AWS classification system of electrodes, and carbide control. Use -15, -16, and -17 stainless stick electrodes to perform welds on stainless steel in all positions.
30 Clock Hours: Lab: 25, Class: 5

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2014 Course Dates:
February 3 - 14
March 17 - 28
April 28 - May 9
June 9 - 20
July 21 - August 1
September 2 - 12 (Closed)
October 13 - 24
November 24 - December 5