Flux-Cored Arc Welding - Semiautomatic

Flux-Cored Arc Welding - Semiautomatic

Course Description
Designed to instruct welders in welding safety and the Flux-Cored Arc Welding process (FCAW) for both Self-Shielded (Innershield®) and Gas-Shielded (Outershield® and UltraCore®) methods. The course lasts one week, involving approximately 30 hours of booth instruction, lecture and practice.

Course Content
Learn fundamentals of FCAW Self-Shielded (Innershield®). Learn fundamentals of FCAW Gas-Shielded (Outershield®). Weld on 10 gauge through 1-inch thick material in all positions. Use a variety of electrodes, wire feeders and power sources. Typical joint designs used in construction and shipbuilding are welded, which consist of fillet, lap, groove and butt welds. Final weld tests are on 1-inch bevel plate vertical up with and without a backin bar.
30 Clock Hours: Lab: 26, Class: 4

Please Note: If a student desires to practice on different types of welds, and/or materials other than those offered, material must be provided by student.

Course Fee:

2015 Course Dates:
January 5 - 9
January 26 - 30
February 23 - 27
April 20 - 24
November 16 - 20