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Lincore® 15CrMn
33 lb Steel Spool Outershield MC-409 Flux-Cored Wire
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Top Features

  • Provides an austenitic manganese deposit which exhibits very good crack resistance
  • Work-hardens for overlay or joining austenitic manganese steel to itself or to carbon steel
  • Can be used as a build-up layer before capping with abrasion resistant alloys
  • Can be used in open arc mode for joining austenitic manganese steel to carbon steel, low alloy steel, austenitic manganese steel, or stainless steel
  • Unlimited layers with proper preheat and interpass temperatures and procedures

Typical Applications

  • Spreader Cones
  • Crusher Hammers
  • Austenitic manganese parts

Welding Positions

Flat and horizontal
Diameter (in)
Diameter (mm)
Product Number
25 lb Steel Spool