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Innershield® NR®-232
Innershield, 54 lb master carton

AWS: E71T-8-H16, E71T8-A2-CS3-H16

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Top Features

  • High deposition rates for out-of-position welding
  • Penetrating arc
  • Fast freezing, easy to remove slag system
  • Meets AWS D1.8 seismic lot waiver requirements

    Notes: FEMA 353 and AWS D1.8 structural steel seismic supplement test data can be found at the Lincoln Electric Certificate Center.

Typical Applications

  • Structural fabrication, including those subject to seismic requirements
  • General plate fabrication
  • Hull plate and stiffener welding on ships and barges
  • Machinery parts, tanks, hoppers, racks and scaffolding

Welding Positions

Diameter (in)
Diameter (mm)
Product Number
13.5 lb Coil (54 lb Carton)
Mechanical Properties
Innershield NR-232
Deposit Composition
Innershield NR-232
Typical Operating Procedures
Innershield® NR-232
  • AWS A5.20/A5.20M: 2005: E71T-8-H16
  • AWS A5.36: E71T8-A2-CS3-H16
  • ASME SFA-A5.20: E71T-8-H16
  • ABS: 3YSA
  • Lloyd’s Register: 3YS H15
  • DNV Grade: III YMS H15
  • GL: 3YH10S
  • BV Grade: SA3YMH
  • CWB/CSA W48-06: E491T-8 H16
  • DB: EN 758 T42 3 Y N 2
  • TUV: EN 758 T42 3 Y N 2
  • MIL-E-24403/1:* MIL-71T-8AS
  • FEMA 353
  • AWS D1.8
  • JIS Z 3313: T49T38-1NA-H15
  • *Military Grade Classification of MIL-71T-8AS for 0.068 in (1.7 mm) and 0.072 in (1.8 mm) diameters only.